How does it work?

You start with a headline diagnosis. In an instant, you send a query that will search all the national data sets. It will pinpoint both your headline successes and areas of weakness - items of statistical significance and key comparisons.

Click - view - and interact with your performance data

You then use 'click and view' means to drill down, explore and compare further by using our Data Explorer.

Use L3 Interactive to

Diagnose: Pinpoint areas of comparative strength and weakness - down to subject level.
Dig Deeper: Understand your school’s L3 comparative performance in detail – via a click and view interactive model.
Compare and contrast: Compare your school and subject level outcomes against schools in your LA, locality, or others nationally.
Understand: The short explanatory excerpts in each section will reinforce understanding of how the DfE/Ofsted uses your data to create your performance picture.
Tools: Data sections can be downloaded for further local analysis in Excel or PDF.


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